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National Mall
The National Mall is usually the center of every visitor's trip to Washington DC. This tree-lined area of parkland stretches two and a half miles from the Potomac River to the United States Capitol on Capitol Hill and is adjoined by the White House. At one end of the National Mall, known as West Potomac Park, the Lincoln Memorial faces the Reflecting Pool with a good view of Arlington Memorial Bridge, Constitution Gardens, the Tindal Basin and the Washington Monument. Further towards Capitol Hill are a number of museums and galleries, among which are many of the Smithsonian Institution's museums, including the National Museum of Natural History, the National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of the American Indian, and the Smithsonian Institution building.
National Mall Landmarks
  Lincoln Memorial  
  The Washington Monument  
  Jefferson Memorial  
  Smithsonian Institute  
  National Museum of American History  
  National Museum of Natural History  
  National Gallery of Art  
  National Air and Space Museum  
  National Museum of the American Indian  
  US Holocaust Memorial Museum  
  Arthur M Sackler Gallery  
  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden  
  Bureau of Engraving and Printing  
  Vietnam Veterans Memorial  
National Mall Hotels
  Grand Hyatt Washington - Reservations  


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