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Located in the Mall, Washignton's most popular visitors district, the National Museum of Natural History houses the majority of the Smithsonian Institutes collection of approximately 120 million objects and artefacts. Of these, one percent (over a million objects) is on display at any one time. Some of the permenant displays include the Hope Diamond, an eight ton African bush elephant (the largest of it's species ever to be found), Dinosaur Hall and the Orkin Insect Zoo. Outside the Natural History Museum, opposite the Department of Agriculture, stands two large petrified logs from Arizona and a 2.5 billion year old iron boulder from Michigan.

National Museum of Natural History information:
  10th & Constitution Avenue, Washington DC 2056, USA  
  Phone - +1 202 357 2700  
  Nearest Subway - Smithsonian  

Open daily 10am to 5:30pm

  Admission is free  
  National Museum of Natural History official Website:  
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